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Raul at today’s training | 23/5/2014

I told Ancelotti that if the Bale thing does not work out, I would be a lot cheaper.” - Raul

“I would not change anything that has happened and it has been shown that it was worth the wait and that it is my home.”


Ángel Fabián Di María Hernández

  • 2010–2014 Real Madrid

Thank You For Everything Angleto , we wish for you all the best <3!

"Angel Di Maria, I know you will never read this, but  I will try to show my feelings even in words. First of all, I want to thank you for everything that you did to our club, our home and our family. Few years ago you were just a player but then you became even bigger than this. You became stronger person and player. After all, you became one of the biggest part of Real Madrid. I will never forget your ambition, the way you were trying and your emotions after winning the Champions League in Lisbon. I will never forget you name “angel” wich will always remind me the wings you had in every match. I will never forget you as a player. You will always be our #22 and this club will always be yours.  You will never be forgotten. Every madridista wish you a good luck. Goodbye Angel Di Maria”

"It was wonderful, I want to thank the fans that came and showed me their affection. I looked up at the scoreboard hoping that the minutes would not tick by. I think everyone enjoyed it; my team made a good showing of themselves and were close to scoring. Everyone has come away happy. I could not have had a better tribute, with the ground full and playing again in a Real Madrid shirt

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